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Take a tour of our Kennel.   

Kennel and owner's home are on 4 acres on country land. You are invited to visit the facilities before leaving your four legged family member with us.

Pride Kennels Boarding Areas

We have two buildings that are climate controlled.  The temperature is kept on average 78 degrees in summer, 70 degrees in winter.

Large Building has runs with the following sizes:

  • 6 runs with a 4'x4' indoor & an attached 4'x8' outdoor run
  • 5 runs with a 4'x5' indoor & an attached 5'x10' outdoor run
  • 1 run with 4'x8' indoor & an attached 9'x10' outdoor run
  • The indoor runs are separated with cinder block 4ft up and then 2 ft of chain link fence.
  • Outdoor runs are separated with 6ft high chain link fence.
  • There are 2 runs that are covered on top inside and outside for containing dogs that can climb out.

Small Building is for smaller dogs, scared dogs, and old dogs, etc.

  • There are 2 areas that are 4'x4-1/2'.
  • Extra large crates (33Hx30Wx48D) are also used.
  • 1 run with 4'x8' indoor & an attached 9'x10' outdoor

In both buildings Pennie has the ability to care for difficult dogs that cannot be let out into the yard. Runs are built so that they can be kept clean, fed, and watered for the duration of their stay.

Pride Kennels Yard Areas

There are four spacious fenced yards. Yards are fenced with 6ft high chain link. The bottom perimeter of the fences is reinforced with 4x4 landscape timbers which are anchored into the ground with 10” pieces of rebar. The fence is then stapled to the 4x4's. All yards are treated twice a year for fleas, ticks, fire ants (additional treatments as needed), and other pests. Perimeter gates are all locked at night. Sizes of fenced yards are as follows:

  • 33'x36'
  • 42'x110'
  • 45'x120'
  • 50'x125'
  • Yards are kept clean and mowed. Fecal matter is picked up every day.


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