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Pride Kennels

Pride Kennels is open 7a.m. to 6p.m. 7 days a week. (Please note that on Wednesdays we will close for 4 hours.) We are closed only about 4 days a year during the first week in November.  Pennie will be on site and working, but closed for drop off & pick up on Thanksgiving & Christmas days.

Proof of vaccinations is required on all boarding animals. The kennel will provide a clean, secure environment. Any emergency vet bills will be the responsibility of the owner. Animals released on owners O.K. only. Payment is due at time of release.

Giving meds is no problem. Caring for elderly dogs is no problem. There is no extra charge for this unless it is an extra time consuming treatment.    


Boarding Prices are for cats & dogs as follows:

  • Up to 20 lbs $19 per night
  • 21 to 50 lbs $21 per night
  • 51-75 lbs $23 per night
  • 75-100 lbs $25 per night
  • Over 100 lbs $27 per night
  • If your pet is picked up after 4pm, you will be charged for that night.

Additional Care For Your Pet

For the safety of your pet, dogs are let out individually.  They have the yard they are in to themselves. Pets from the same household can be let out together by request from the owner.  There is no extra cost for daily yard time and the schedule is as follows:    The first time is at daybreak (between 6-7am.)  6a.m. in summer, 7a.m. in winter. They are brought in and fed, then let out again every 3 hours.  The last time is between 8-10pm.  Other than the first time, they can stay out as long as they want, within reason and weather permitting.  They are fed again in late afternoon.

You're welcome to  bring anything for your dog, his own food, treats, toys, and bedding.  Be assured they will get them.  I feed Pedigree dry food but, again, you can bring their own.  Special diets are no problem.

The owner, Pennie, is the only one to work with the dogs.  The only other person who sometimes helps with the dogs is her assistant, a teacher, with a Bachelor degree in Animal Science and Ag. Science and is also very good with pets.

Thank You

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